You-ology Self Study

What if learning about changing bodies wasn’t secretive or shameful? And what if it could even be inclusive, fun, and, well, kind of adorable? A new kind of puberty guide, You-ology embraces an inclusive approach that normalizes puberty for all kids. For curious kids and parents looking to talk about puberty in an inclusive way, You-ology offers fact-based, age appropriate, and body positive information about the physical, social, and emotional changes ahead for all kids.

This self-paced study has 14 sections, following along the 14 chapters of the book. Each section has a knowledge check to test your retention of the information from the book. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a discount to ASHA members for the purchase of the You-ology book. For more information on the discount, go here.

 Total Credit Hours Available: 9.25 CECH from NCHEC or General CEUs


Course Details

You-ology Self Study
Chapter 1 Quiz
Chapter 2 Quiz
Chapter 3 Quiz
Chapter 4 Quiz
Chpater 5 Quiz
Chapter 6 Quiz
Chapter 7 Quiz
Chapter 8 Quiz
Chapter 9 Quiz
Chapter 10 Quiz
Chapter 11 Quiz
Chapter 12 Quiz
Chapter 13 Quiz
Chapter 14 Quiz
Course Evaluation
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